Mohammadi Group is a renowned conglomerate of the country. The company started its operations in 1986 in the garments industry with merely 52 workers; today it employees over 10,000. The company has over the years diversified and excelled in Real Estate, Power Generation, Information Technology and High-tech Entertainment. The company’s newest endeavor, a TV channel, is set to on air very soon.

History and Achievements

Mohammadi Group started operations in 1986 in garments industry with merely 52 workers; today its employees over 9,000. While the…

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Annisul Huq, Chairman, Mohammadi Group The company's founder Mr. Annisul Huq is the Chairman of Mohammadi Group as well as…

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Overall strategy and the implication for our customers... Home/accommodation for our RMG Workers... Company loan without interest for MG Members...…

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