Our History

Mohammadi Group was started by 4 friend in 1986 with a 2 line factory in Lalbagh Dhaka. The factory had 52 workers and since then we have grown into one of the largest garments manufacturing group in Bangladesh.

Over the years the company was slowly divided into 4 different groups as each partner seperated the management of the business. The 4 friends today own their own garments manufacturing companies which originated from the original Mohammadi Group.

Today we produce over 500,000 pcs of woven garments and 250,000 pcs of sweaters a month.

Current Business Areas

Besides woven garment and sweater manufacturing, Mohammadi Group is involved in the real estate business. We also own one of the the largest software and IT services companies in Bangladesh. In the near future we will be starting a Digital Cable TV operation in Dhaka. We have also invested in the Power Generation sector with our own 10 MW power plant in Kumargaon Sylhet.


Mohammadi Group is a family based company. The companies founder Mr. Annisul Huq is one of the most well known business entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He has served in the board of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Association (BGMEA) for over a dedace. He also served as the President and Vice-President of BGMEA over different terms.

Currently Mr. Annisul Huq is the President of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). This is the apex trade body in Bangladesh.

Mr. Huq is a key business personality in the coiuntry and helps the government in forming many of its business and economic policies.

The Managing Director of the group is Mrs. Rubana Huq. Besides running the day to day operations of the group Mrs. Huq is well known for her contribution in the literary and cultural circle in Bangladesh.

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